Waldorf Education


s a developing Waldorf School our curriculum endeavors to teach the child through the "head, hands, and heart". We integrate the arts throughout all academic subjects as well as incorporate practical activities for experiential learning. This holistic approach aims to enliven the imagination and instill a living wisdom that will accompany the child throughout their life. Our curriculum seeks to enrich the intellect while ensuring that the child maintains a deep joy of learning.

Academic subjects are taught within thematic blocks lasting 3-4 weeks. Continuing from a founding impulse of environmental education, Swallowtail's curriculum seeks to use the out-of-doors as a classroom whenever feasible. The themes of each block are arranged to build upon one another over the years to offer an inspiring educational journey for the child as they mature from the early years through eighth grade.

At Swallowtail teachers stay with their class from first through eighth grade. This continuity allows the class teacher to develop a deep understanding and genuine appreciation for each child.

Early Childhood

At Swallowtail School, we recognize the significance of the growing years to the young child. We provide a learning environment filled with warmth, joy, imagination, simplicity, and safety. We strive to create an environment that supports and nourishes all areas of your child's development.

The Early Childhood Program wishes to work as an extension of the home - a place where the child is comfortable and safe; a place that builds confidence, character, and social independence. We embrace childhood as a time of rapid development in the discovery of the child and the child's relationship with the world.

The teachers take great care in planning both indoor and outdoor exploration. A rhythm is created that guides the child's days, weeks, and year through activities that are meaningful and that the child can embrace in an age-appropriate manner.


Lower Grades (1 through 5)

During the first five years of early grades the curriculum slowly expands from the experiential learning of kindergarten to include more lesson work. The curriculum and class environments are designed to allow children to enjoy the innocence of childhood. Families are encouraged to limit media exposure to maintain healthy routines at home that allow their children to fully experience childhood without the worries and cares of adult life.

Every aspect of the curriculum is designed to inspire imagination, cultivate creativity, encourage freedom of thought and expression, and promote problem-solving.


Middle Grades (6 through 8)

The remaining three years of schooling at Swallowtail create a host of new opportunities for the emerging adolescent. During this time the 12-14 year old awakens to the world with new enthusiasm, and begins making connections to it based on powers of personal judgment. Simultaneously, the adolescent's thinking capacities are ripening from the seeds of a pictorial thought-foundation to the blossoming of conceptual thought. As abstract thinking is born during the middle school years, Swallowtail honors this new thought-life with carefully crafted academic challenges.

Our experiential curriculum expands the imagination, builds philosophical depth, develops astute observation, and creates artistic vision. Throughout the middle school years Swallowtail prepares students for the broader world, gently guiding them towards social, as well as environmental, responsibility.