Outdoor School

Early September the beautiful new school year started in the Swallowtail’s gorgeous 26 acre property. Here are a few lines from Mr. Justin followed by some pictures:

Each September at Swallowtail we begin the year at Outdoor School.  For the first two weeks the students engage in projects, both artistic and practical, on our 26 acres of farmland in Hillsboro.  This has been such an amazing way to usher in the new year for students and teachers alike.  The children are not expected to go from the outward, fluid nature of the summer directly into their little desks and the more rigid form of the classroom setting.  It allows the children to breathe together as a class upon entering the new school year.  It allows them to play together and to experience the phenomena of nature.  It allows them to remember why they love coming back to school each fall.


Start of a great day


Early Childhood


Early Childhood enjoying a nice walk in nature


Getting ready for another fine day


A great start for a wonderful day


Learning while being in nature


School and nature combined. Can it get any better?


Making a path to the yurt


Preparing another path from the barn to the yurt


Looking for more bugs


Enjoying the fresh air


Everything always looks better when you are off the ground

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