An Introduction to Swallowtail School

Welcome to Swallowtail School’s new blog page!

As a developing Waldorf School in Oregon’s beautiful Willamette Valley, Swallowtail seeks to integrate the arts and a profound reverence of the natural world with academic rigor. Located roughly 20 miles west of Portland, at the very line between urban and agricultural environments, Swallowtail presently serves over 60 children from Pre-school through eighth grade. With an average teacher to student ratio of 1:9 Swallowtail’s faculty are able to provide an incredible level of personal attention to each child— such care for nurturing the success of every child can be seen in the talented and joyous children that graduate from Swallowtail in the 8th grade.

This blog serves to illustrate some of the creative abundance that marks each and every day at Swallowtail School. Both the children and faculty bring their best efforts and highest creative energy with them to school, and this blog provides a means by which to share just a bit of what occurs in our classrooms, on our playground, and at our 26 acre off-site Farm property. For our present Swallowtail families, we hope you enjoy this new window into the daily rhythms of the school. . . and for our future families, we hope it illuminates some of the ways Swallowtail seeks to educate each child’s hands, heart, and mind.

A watercolor painting inspired by the color wheel. (7th grade)

One thought on “An Introduction to Swallowtail School

  1. I may be the first one writing a comment here! Let me just say it is a wonderful post and I am looking forward to seeing more! And seeing more on regular basis! I believe Swallowtail has a lot to offer to both its students and the parents. This blog might be the best avenue to showcase all those beautiful things that make Swallowtail a second home for many.

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