Ah, the joys of being on the farm…

By Mrs. Sacha

Early Childhood activities:

The days spent at Outdoor School were so fruitful. Each child came to school eager and ready to explore nature. They gathered together each morning with their teachers and made delicious apple sauce for snack as the smell of the morning fire encircled around the farm. The class picked ripe, juicy pears, apples and plums.

The sounds of older siblings and friends in the grades classes echoed around the farm as they recited their verses and sang songs that filled the warm summer air. The children went to say hello to dear grades friends and teachers and to see what each grade was learning.

With the earth below their feet, they ventured into the meadow to live into their daily circle and curriculum time. The meadow was filled with magical moments picking blackberries, discovering a deep, deep hole and wondering who lived down there. The ancient evergreen stretched out its branches to let children climb upon it. They ran, sang and played with newly found friends.

The children painted together, played games and each child received a golden ball of yarn to play with or finger knit. Life is golden on the farm in the golden summer sunshine.

Before eating snack each day, the Early Childhood children share what they are thankful for. ¬†Every day many children say, “I am so thankful for the farm!” It’s a remarkable thing that your children get to go to a school with a farm! Everyone had so much fun and they look forward to venturing to the farm every month!

What lucky children you have – and what great parents who send them to Swallowtail School!

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