Ulba Bulba

{ Thank you Ms. Erica }

Ms. Beth has been busying herself with magical plans and preparations for the Honey Bee Kindergarten. In spite of the late snowfall, spring is fast approaching and there have been glimpses of beautiful buds and sunshine. This is a very busy time of growth and awakening, both in nature and in our beings, which brings much joy and excitement to the busyness of the Kindergarten days.  In the weeks immediately ahead they will be celebrating all of these changes happening in their lives, as well as those in and on the earth.



The children have begun a block of Circus Arts! The first day was AMAZING!  If you have not heard about it yet, be sure to ask your children to share a little with you. Ask them about “body language,” the colors red, yellow and blue, and the feelings each of these colors represent.  The children laughed so hard – that deep from the soul laughter! Everyone is excited to do it again next week. The man who brought this was brilliant, and some of what he shared will be coming into the kindergarten class on a regular basis. It is so inspiring!

The kindergarten class will also soon be preparing their space for the nurturing of hatching babies that will arrive upon return from the Spring Break. Spring is coming!  Spring is coming!  Birdies build your nests!

Here is a snippet of the current story and puppet show…

“Ulba Bulba”

One little snowdrop far smaller than the rest
Loved her winter snow dress far, far the best…
With patterns of dainty soft white lace
She danced with her sisters all over the place.
Sitting on top of the timber tall trees
Trying not to fall off in the breeze
Dancing merrily down a smooth white hill
Alighting on a fallen log- snow white still.

“Little Snowdrop, come dance with me.”
Said Whispering Wind, “I’ll blow wild you see”
“For I love your dancing and fluttery furls,
Your soft, silent stepping, and twisty twine twirls.
Little Snowdrop dressed in white
From snow clouds a shimmer you left one night
Soft and powdery, white and fine
Dancing on rooftops, logs and pines.”

Whispering Wind wound his way in a winding whirl
And gave this message to the snowdrop girl,
“Lady Spring has come early this year,
Her golden dress blooms brightly I hear.
I saw her while traveling with white birds on high,
Soaring with clouds under blue Father Sky.
You must change your dress to watery blue,
And travel to the sea as your sisters all do.
Down rocky mountains with rush and a roar,
Winding your way to the salty sea shore.
Go change your dress now, ‘neath the Golden Sun,
Time for traveling, Springtime has come!”

Snowdrop looked up toward the bright Golden Sun,
“I must quickly hide” she said “or soon I’ll be gone!”
Golden Sun smiled and tenderly shone with a laugh
A light on the snow, melting a path
To a friend strange and wrinkled, soft hearted yet crinkled,
Ulba Bulba below- under the snow!
A friend strange and wrinkled, soft hearted yet crinkled,
Ulba Bulba below- under the snow!

“Come and hide in my coat so wrinkled
You’ll not be noticed in one so crinkled”
So she went and hid in his coat so wrinkled
Not being noticed in one so crinkled.
“Come” said Ulba Bulba, and took her by the hand
“We shall go up above and see the spring land”.

In his new coat of gold-green shimmering
Snowdrop’s white dress sparkling, glimmering
They went up above, hand in hand
to see the bright new spring-time land.
She felt herself changing with the warmth of the Sun
And Lady Spring smiled for her springing was sprung!

“I’ll be gone forever!” poor Snowdrop cried
She looked at her dress, then all her tears dried
Soft petaled and white and soft to caress
Just made for the springtime -
From winter no less.

Snowdrop stays with Ulba always
To spring up in the warmth of the early Spring days

And still with the singing
Of spring wing-birds songs
They rejoice in their springing
Unless they are gone…


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