January Farm Day, Grade 2


Grade two worked hard hauling soil and compost to build a cold frame with Farmer Noah and Mister Ron.

And whala! The finished result thanks to some hard weekend work by our dedicated Farm Committee Chair, Mindy Laird-Garcia. Mindy was also helped by participants in the Washington County Correctional departments WILOJ (Work In Lieu Of Jail) program. Through Mindy’s help in arranging this free labor the school has already received over 100 man hours of much needed on the ground labor. Thank you Mindy!


January Farm Day 2014/ Grade 1

Ms Annette’s First grade class washed Iris tubers. The children were very creative using the single hose. Some of the boys took advantage of the water puddles under the picnic table to wash the muddy tubers too.This is a two part project. Next week, the children will cut designs into sliced potatoes and then potato paint designs on small paper bags. They will bring the finished bags to the next Farm Day, February 14, and place divided dry tubers inside. The tubers will be available for purchase during the May Day Festival. The proceeds will go towards farm related improvements.

The children put their finger knitting skills to work and finger knitted piles of row covers.The “yarn’ was so heavy, they worked in pairs, one to hold up the row covers and the other to knit.