Small steps

       This little beauty is a Willamette Valley Ponderosa Pine and was planted along with 90 other trees along our northern border as part of Chris Eastham’s Eagle Scout project.  Quite a unique species adapted to Western Oregon’s wet winters and dry summers, it has the potential to become an iconic giant.
 Chis along with his family and friends put in approximately 65 man hours of time preparing the ground for this planting. It is part of the 1.5 acre NRCS restoration project on our northern property line. Prior to Chris’ efforts there was 25 hours of tractor work done, and 40 hours of manual blackberry removal to open up the ground. On top of that, the 7th/8th grade is poised to complete their site prep at the next farm day and put in an additional 75 trees. The bulk of the trees will go into this area in the spring of 2015 after we have established a native cover. Presently most of the ground is in oats and clover sown by Ms. Ingrid’s hard working crew last October. (Well… may by not so much on the oats anymore after all this cold!)