Spring is, was, and always will be, In the air.

Find yourself a microclimate around the place and you’ll see that buds are swelling to break, or have already broken. Thanks to Aram, Cher and RIc for a recent donation of a beautiful big pile of various raspberries, plum trees, pear trees, blueberry plants, comfrey, seaberry, and some others I’m forgetting. And thank you Burnt Ridge Nursery, we also got our order of raspberries, Pawpaw trees, Butternuts trees, Mulberry trees, Aronia bushes, and grape vines in. TIME TO GET PLANTIN’



January Farm Day Grade 7/8

Grade 7/8 collecting soil samples at the last farm day. The holes they are getting their samples from were prepped by the 2nd grade.  This area will be the home to our “food forest” observation planting and will include perennial fruit-producing plants.  In this “trial plot” we will observe the plants’ health and growth as indications to how they will act in our soil, wetlands environment, and climate.  We can then choose from the trial species for mass plantings on the farm.

January Farm Day, Grade 2


Grade two worked hard hauling soil and compost to build a cold frame with Farmer Noah and Mister Ron.

And whala! The finished result thanks to some hard weekend work by our dedicated Farm Committee Chair, Mindy Laird-Garcia. Mindy was also helped by participants in the Washington County Correctional departments WILOJ (Work In Lieu Of Jail) program. Through Mindy’s help in arranging this free labor the school has already received over 100 man hours of much needed on the ground labor. Thank you Mindy!