Martinmas Lantern Walk

By Ms. Erica

The Martinmas Lantern Walk is a traditional Waldorf festival celebrated by Waldorf schools around the world recalling the story of St. Martin who grew up in Italy. One evening he was riding his horse through town and saw a beggar shivering with cold. He stopped his horse; dismounted, tore his cloak in half and wrapped the poor beggar in it. He then left his lantern for the poor beggar to warm himself and have some light that cold, cold night.

St. Martin represents caring for one another, especially those in need, by bringing warmth and kindness to every human being.

We celebrate with a simple tradition of making lanterns in our classrooms and going on a lantern walk bringing our light into the darkness. In addition we have an annual warm coat, hat and mitten drive for those in need.  Please see the posters around the school for more information.

We encourage all of our school families to join us on our lantern walk, singing or walking quietly, honoring this sacred light festival.