The Pumpkin Patch

{ Thank you Jennifer Stickley for writing and picture }

Our oat cover crop was turned over in the spring and the children of Swallowtail School made careful mounds of earth and planted four pumpkin seeds into each mound, one in each of the four directions. They also planted flowers: cosmos and sunflowers to help attract pollinators. Over the Summer, our dedicated parent volunteers have been tending, weeding and watering with the new irrigation pump from our pond! Our pumpkins and squashes are now flowering. When the children return for outdoor school, they will harvest what is ready and sow crimson clover seed into the field, which will become our new over winter cover crop. What a blessing it is to experience the seasonal cycles through stewarding the land.

Picture by Jennifer Stickley

“Mother earth, mother earth,
Take our seed and give it birth.
Father sun, gleam and glow
Until the roots begin to grow.
Sister rain, sister rain
Shed thy tears to swell the grain;
Brother wind, breathe and blow
Then the blade green will grow.
Earth and sun and wind and rain
Turn to gold the living grain”

~ a traditional Waldorf verse