Eighth Grade Update

{ Thank you Ms. Puanani and Ms. Erica }

Grade Eight took advantage of our sunny weather by heading into Portland. After a birthday breakfast for one of the students, complete with gluten-free pancakes, they headed to The Portland Art Museum for the afternoon. Most of their time was spent in the north wing, which houses the museum’s permanent collection. The students were allowed to enjoy the museum at their own pace, although they were asked to take note of landscapes and cloud formations in the art work. The eight grade class has been painting many landscapes in their art classes and the cloud study is a foreshadowing to their upcoming Meteorology Block this spring. The trip ended with a quiet sketching period before heading back to Hillsboro. The class had a wonderful time and look forward to their next trip in January.


Student Painting

Student Painting



Fifth and Sixth Grade

{ Thank you Ms. Ingrid and Ms. Erica }

To begin their Astronomy Block, the fifth and sixth grade jogged to Hare Field and completed an activity to find their bearings from a geocentric perspective of observation. This perspective will be the basis for their studies of the heavens throughout the block. The students were introduced to various Greek Mythological stories that offer Greek origins of well known constellations. They began charting the Circumpolar stars to establish basic landmarks for more complicated constellation searches in the future.


Chalkboard Drawing

Chalkboard Drawing for Class Story by Ms. Ingrid


Next they will finish mapping the Circumpolar Constellations and then map the Seasonal Constellations and investigate star movement through their established paths. We will find which constellations are known as winter or summer constellations and map them in relation to one-another.

Students took their parents out on a clear night to find Ursa Major (in its entirety), Ursa Minor and Polaris and share how they were able to identify them. The clear skies and dry weather in the area have made studying Astronomy so rewarding! There is a Star Gazing Evening scheduled, complete with a crackling fire to keep warm against the cold and some delicious hot cider as well.

New this year is the opportunity to bring the German Language to our school. A Swallowtail parent has graciously offered to share her language and culture with the students. This will be a combined Block for students from fifth through eighth grade.