Swallowtail’s New Yurt

Swallowtail School is thrilled to announce the arrival of a brand new yurt on their 26-acre Farm property just to the northwest of downtown Hillsboro!

The yurt form hails from the windy steppes of Mongolia. With traditional yurts, a round wooden latticework would be covered with felt derived from the sheep that traveled with the nomadic peoples of Central Asia. These structures could be easily taken down and transported to new locations on the backs of camels or yaks.

Our yurt will be made with more modern textiles that will provide a cozy dry space for our students if the weather turns especially grumpy during their field trips to the Farm. A deck will be built to serve as the footprint for the round structure, and all current Swallowtail community members are invited to join us at the Farm property on Thursday, August 25 from 9am-5pm to help with constructing the deck for our new yurt. This work party will also serve as our day to generally spruce up the entire Farm property in preparation for our field trips to the rural property this year.

The structure was purchased from Pacific Yurts, Inc. in Eugene, Oregon. Pacific Yurts is the world’s leading manufacturer of contemporary yurts, and their structures have been gradually added to a number of State Parks in Oregon since 1993.

To see images of the yurts offered by Pacific Yurts, Inc. please visit www.yurts.com