5th & 6th Grade Play

Swallowtail School Presents “The Birds”

Performed by Ms. Ingrid’s 5th & 6th Grade Class

Directed by Ms. Pam

The Bird

The Bird - February 2, 2012 at 6:30 pm

Please join us for a play presented by the 5th & 6th grade class on February 2nd at 6:30 pm at the First Christian Church (directly across the street from Swallowtail). This is the oldest play in Swallowtail’s history; it is a Greek play dating back to 414 B.C. The class has put in countless hours rehearsing their lines, creating amazing costumes and building stunning props! This is a performance you won’t want to miss!

(There will be a donation opportunity to help the class off-set the cost of renting the venue.)



Fifth and Sixth Grade

{ Thank you Ms. Ingrid and Ms. Erica }

To begin their Astronomy Block, the fifth and sixth grade jogged to Hare Field and completed an activity to find their bearings from a geocentric perspective of observation. This perspective will be the basis for their studies of the heavens throughout the block. The students were introduced to various Greek Mythological stories that offer Greek origins of well known constellations. They began charting the Circumpolar stars to establish basic landmarks for more complicated constellation searches in the future.


Chalkboard Drawing

Chalkboard Drawing for Class Story by Ms. Ingrid


Next they will finish mapping the Circumpolar Constellations and then map the Seasonal Constellations and investigate star movement through their established paths. We will find which constellations are known as winter or summer constellations and map them in relation to one-another.

Students took their parents out on a clear night to find Ursa Major (in its entirety), Ursa Minor and Polaris and share how they were able to identify them. The clear skies and dry weather in the area have made studying Astronomy so rewarding! There is a Star Gazing Evening scheduled, complete with a crackling fire to keep warm against the cold and some delicious hot cider as well.

New this year is the opportunity to bring the German Language to our school. A Swallowtail parent has graciously offered to share her language and culture with the students. This will be a combined Block for students from fifth through eighth grade.

A Window to 5th and 6th Grade

Thanks to Ms. Ingrid for providing the opportunity and Ms. Erica for putting this together we have a snapshot of what this class is up to.

Ms. Ingrid’s 5th and 6th grade class has enjoyed several trips to the farm property. During one recent trip, they pressed apples for fresh cider, which they promptly sold all 11 ½ gallons that afternoon at pick up time! Another trip featured the student’s first bus ride of the year! The Hillsboro School District has agreed to transport Swallowtail students once a month from the main campus to the farm.

The class has finished reading “My Side of the Mountain”, and they made pancakes wilderness style! They attempted to replicate Sam’s methods for cooking the pancakes, as described in the book. With found rocks, they ground filberts into a flour (adding a tad bit of spelt flour) and mixed in some spring water. They picked and mashed wild berries for toppings, and then over the fire, fried the cakes to a golden brown in sizzling coconut oil (which resembled the animal lard Sam would have used). Their utensils were from nature as well: an abalone shell as a mixing bowl, a stick for spoon, a flat wooden slat for spatula, and large leaves for plates.  The students were pleasantly surprised at how tasty their filbert pancakes turned out to be!

The students are learning about decimals and their relation to fractions in their current Math Block. The inspiration accompanying this Block is based on a legend of lost treasure mines in the desert southwest and the Spanish explorers who searched for them. There is a mystery, however, and local legends claim the mines are haunted. Three young investigators are determined to find the truth about the lost mines!

Ms Ingrid’s students, along with the 8th grade class, will be getting a preview of their Olympic Training! The children will practice working with the discus, javelin, and some Greek Wrestling techniques over the next few weeks. This is a taste of what is to come in the spring, when their real training begins!

The students will embark upon a 4 ½ week block study of Ancient Greece.  Last year the student’s Greece study focused on the mythological stories from this golden culture. This year, in addition to continuing with some of the formative mythological stories, the students will begin to look at causality of important events in History of this great influential culture and how they affected people of that time and into our world today.